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pocket wifi 2017/3/2 22:54
my husband and i will be travelling in Japan this coming Nov. and wanted to know how pocket wifi work? if we rent one can both of us use it in our iPad and Android phone?

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Re: pocket wifi 2017/3/3 15:50
Most pocket wifi can connect with up to 10 devices simultaneously nowadays, though I`ve seen older ones can only connect up to 5. Still I`ve never seen one that can only connect to 1 device at a time so no worries.

About how it works, you meant how to use the device, the signal, or the pricing plan?

Using it is like normal wifi, the deviceID and password are on either the manual or inside the device if it has a screen.

The signal can be 3G, 4G, LTE or WIMAX depending on the service itself.

Pricing I`m not so sure. I`ve heard a comment that shops inside airports are expensive and it`s cheaper to rent one from your home country that also works in Japan. Another option is rent a SIM for your Android phone and us it to tether.
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Re: pocket wifi 2017/3/3 19:32
We rented a Pocket WiFi and had all our tablets and phones connected, 4 devices in total; worked very well, just in the most remote areas of Hokkaido we had no signal.
One thing to consider, if you split only one would keep connectivity of course :-)
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Re: pocket wifi 2017/3/3 20:16
If you travel alot, I prefer you to purchase one, Huawei is the most popular brand, and the more expensive one work worldwide, most will support 3G for japan, and recent ones sold within the last few year most support 4G for Japan, but do check the bands.

Although they do have expensive ones, they won't cost you a arm or a leg, going by what is available in Hong Kong, the most expensive one is about USD 205.
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