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Tattoo at capsule hotel? 2017/3/3 18:21
I know wearing a tattoo on your body when visiting onsen or sento (local bath houses) are not permitted. In the bath house on Nagouya airport there was a sign indicating no tattoo were allowed so I covered it up with bandaids. Another onsen in Kurama out of Kyoto had no sign, a foreign family had a guy covered with tattoos and I cant recall anyone told him off.

So, in capsule hotel there are sometimes no shower room but a sento like place. Is it common for such places to refrain from tattoos?

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Re: Tattoo at capsule hotel? 2017/3/4 00:39
Hi, I'm Japanese so not good at English.
Japanese mafia (yakuza) wear Japanese tattoo (irezumi).
Hotels not arrow a person wearing tattoos to reject Japanese mafia.
And Japanese tattoos are different from tattoos.
So, maybe it is no matter.
But if you can ask the capsule hotel about it, you should ask it by using Google translation.
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Re: Tattoo at capsule hotel? 2017/3/11 01:14
At some places they don't target at visitors, as tattoo on a visitor is more like a art, rather than a tattoo on a mafia, and some places just ignore overseas visitors, unless they receive a complaint from guest.
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Re: Tattoo at capsule hotel? 2017/3/11 17:54
When you do an internet search on "capsule hotel tattoo" in Japanese language, you will notice that there are a lot of ads of "tattoo OK capsule hotels". In other words, I suppose it means that "tattoo not-OK capsule hotels" are not uncommon.

But like I said, tattoo-OK ones do exist. And with the government promoting inbound tourism keeping in mind the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, the awareness of trying to accept fashion tattoos is increasing. I'm counting on the tattoo-holders to keep reminding others that they are safe.
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