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Kakunodate Samurai Town 2017/3/5 12:32
Hi there,
Can someone tell me how to get to Kakunodate Samurai Town from the Akita cruise ship terminal? We will dock at Akita in April 17 and want to find out the most easy way to get to the Samurai town. We appreciate any information you can provide.

by GAMSJ  

Re: Kakunodate Samurai Town 2017/3/6 18:23
Take a taxi or local bus to JR Akita stn,
then take Akita Shinkansen to Kakunodate stn.

Or if someone has IDP, car rent fr near JR Akita stn.

But no Sakura blooming. (about 10 days earlier)
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Re: Kakunodate Samurai Town 2017/3/7 01:05
Thank you very much for the information.
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Re: Kakunodate Samurai Town 2017/3/12 01:13

I'm not sure if your advice is correct regarding the cherry blossoms. According to the latest cherry blossom forecast published by the Japan Meteorological Bureau, the cherry blossom period in Akita will be from 16-20 April. I believe you would be able to see cherry blossoms when you visit Kakunodate on 17 April, though it may not be at the full bloom yet.

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Re: Kakunodate Samurai Town 2017/3/12 08:22
Thanks for the information. We will be in Akita on April 21.
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