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Ryokans - Kagoshima 2017/3/7 16:10

I am looking for good traditional ryokans in Kagoshima, preferably near within Kagoshima city (Kagoshima-chuo station).
I tried

Ryokan Nakazono and Shiroyama Kanko seems to be the only good ones, but i find Shiroyama Kanko too western and non-tradition though i am very interested because of its hot-spring view against Sakurajima.

Ryokan Nakazono, however, seems too old and boring.

Is there any other suggestions? Like, ryokans with tradition tatami and hot-spring with Sakurajima view?

Please help~
thank you~!!
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Re: Ryokans - Kagoshima 2017/3/7 18:00
I looked for the same thing last year and couldn't find anything.

Ended up staying at Shiroyama. As you say, it's a BIG hotel, but the baths are OK (although be warned, cloud can obscure the view of Sakurajima largely for days at a time).

The restaurants there (the French one and the Japanese one) were excellent, but it wasn't a ryokan.
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Re: Ryokans - Kagoshima 2017/3/8 01:20
I'm actually thinking, or should i just go to SEASIDE HOTEL SAKURAJIMA... but its abit inconvenient to travel (need to take a ferry + 20mins bus) and only have sea view but not the volcano itself..

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Re: Ryokans - Kagoshima 2017/3/8 02:53
I've stayed at Nakazono Ryokan 3 times and enjoyed all my stays and would recommend it. It is within walking distance (or a short tram ride) from JR Kagoshima station and just a few blocks from the ferry terminal for Sakurajima. I found it clean, convenient, a good price and the owners very friendly.
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