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SIM and WiFi for Tourists in Japan 2017/3/7 17:29

We'll be staying for a week in Japan as Tourists.
Is there a way we can buy a SIM card (data only) that we can use for Google Maps and Navigation? I've read that Pocket Wifi's also can be rented.

Any advise on what to do when we land at Narita Airport to get connected? Where we can purchase the SIM and find an affordable pocket wifi to rent.

Thanks all very much!
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Re: SIM and WiFi for Tourists in Japan 2017/3/8 16:44
Order online before you arrive (cheaper).

A lot of people recommend GAC (Global Advanced Communications). I actually am renting some extra units for someone and using JapanWireless (part of HIS) and I noticed they were cheaper than GAC.
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Re: SIM and WiFi for Tourists in Japan 2017/3/9 05:21
Note that you can also rent a SIM card as you can only buy a pre-paid SIM card with a Temporary Visitor visa (I believe). In the end we went with renting a pocket WiFi. We picked ours up Narita airport.
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Re: SIM and WiFi for Tourists in Japan 2017/3/9 07:17
I'm a Japanese working in Tokyo for over 7 years. I just put a (almost) comprehensive list for data SIM & WiFi to find the best suit for your trip style as well as a website for comparison between SIM and WiFi. Hope these help your search.

Japanese SIM or WiFi: Which Fits You Best?

All prepaid SIM card in Japan:

Rental Portable Wifi Service in Japan:
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