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Onsen tour of Okinawa? 2017/3/8 03:01
Hi folks,
I'm planning a trip to Okinawa, for around 5-7 days.
This is my 3rd trip to Japan, but first time to Okinawa.
Other than the beaches, I'd like to do a tour of onsen in Okinawa.

I'd really appreciate any recommendations for :
1. "the best" onsen to visit in Okinawa
2. Ryokan (or similar) accommodation which have onsen
3. Okinawan islands with onsen worth visiting
4. Any highly recommended nature/onsen-related "medium budget" places to visit

Thanks a lot !
by Laven Pillay  

Re: Onsen tour of Okinawa? 2017/3/9 21:19
Okinawa isn't really known for onsens.

You will find spa-sort-of-things in some of the hotels, and you will find sentos, but it's not really an onsen-y place.
by Winter Visitor rate this post as useful

Re: Onsen tour of Okinawa? 2017/3/9 22:45
Iriomote has the southern-most onsen in Japan. It wasn't a particularly special onsen if I remember correctly, but we were there anyways and figured might as well! I'd definitely recommend Iriomote though... it was fantastic!
by scarreddragon rate this post as useful

Re: Onsen tour of Okinawa? 2017/3/9 23:23

We visited the Yaeyama Islands as well as the Okinawa island a few years ago.
I could not recall any onsen recommendation in all the tourist information offices we visited. We are onsen " buff", however, as the weather was hot , onsen was the last thing we would visit.
by shinji (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Onsen tour of Okinawa? 2017/3/10 01:00
I *think* that the onsen on Iriomote is no longer operational.

At least, I'm sure that was the case when I checked (the web) for info on it last year. We went to (Naha and) Ishigaki in the end. Beef, yes, bath, no.
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Re: Onsen tour of Okinawa? 2017/3/10 17:36
Hi folks,

Thanks so much for your replies, its really appreciated.

I found out about that fact as I did more in-depth research.
Guess I'll make it a "beach tour" instead, and maybe checkout the onsen in Kansai instead (going to Osaka for a stage musical).

Thanks for the tip - I've heard good thing about Iriomote. Will definitely checkout that area for locations and activities.
Please do recommend any that you think are highly worth it :)

Its always exciting and daunting to plan a trip, so thanks again for the feedback, folks ! :)
by Laven Pillay rate this post as useful

Re: Onsen tour of Okinawa? 2017/3/10 21:28
Ah, I didn't realize the onsen closed down. I went in 2009 so it's been a long time!

The Urauchi River Cruise was one of my favorite parts of our stay in the Yaeyama Islands. The boat tour goes up the river, stops for a bit to allow you to see the waterfalls, then goes back. You can ask the boat driver to stay until the next boat if you want more time, so we did that and were able to really poke around and enjoy the waterfalls a lot! There was a cafe while waiting for the bus to get back to our hostel that had delicious brown sugar iced lattes. I hope it's still there, we bought a CD from them too.

We also did a kayak tour and a firefly tour. The kayak tour was really amazing, and the firefly tour short but fun. One day we drove to the end of the road and found a beach with all sorts of interesting rock formations.

Now I really want to go back! I've been a lot of places in Japan, but Iriomote and nearby Taketomi were really memorable for me. Ishigaki not quite as much.... it's (relatively) more urban, so while I enjoyed getting my taste of A&W root beer and driving around the coastline, I liked the other two islands much better.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your trip!
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Re: Onsen tour of Okinawa? 2017/3/11 06:23
There's an onsen hotel in Senagajima Island, Tomigusuku, which is near Naha Airport. That's the only onsen facility I know in main island Okinawa.
The sunset view in Senagajima was very nice, by the way. The island is in landing/take-off route of Naha Airport.
by KyushuLocal rate this post as useful

Re: Onsen tour of Okinawa? 2017/3/13 18:41
@KyushuLocal Thanks for the tip mate, that's a great option!
by Laven Pillay rate this post as useful

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