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which wifi rental to take at Narita 2017/3/9 16:50
I shall be landing at Narita on 28th March Terminal 1. My wifi rental need shall be primarily to connect 3-4 devices while moving around Japan for the next 21 days. Main use to browse travel sights, check emails, and use whatsapp. Very little of video browsing and no games.

Can you please recommend the most suitable plan and eifi rental company that also works on shinkansen trains as well as in remote areas like Fuji and Koyasan
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Re: which wifi rental to take at Narita 2017/3/10 10:04
List of wifi booths in terminal 1

For plans I`m not sure, depending on your budget.

However for signal strength most would agree that signal for NTT Docomo is the strongest nationwide, from personal experience it works in Tokyo subways and off the coast on a boat in Kochi prefecture.

So while researching or looking around the booths perhaps check and ask if the signal used is NTT Docomo. (this message is not paid for by NTT lol)
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Re: which wifi rental to take at Narita 2017/3/10 16:03
Some of my friends from outside Japan have rented from Global Advanced Comm when they visited Japan, and they all liked the service. Better book in advance as they may get booked out of wifi units at times.
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Re: which wifi rental to take at Narita 2017/3/11 05:54
I used the Wi-Fi Rental Store last fall with great results!

The highest speed mi-fi you can rent, 30GB of data, for 30 days was $90. You pick up at airport counter after getting out customs at airport, you drop it in provided envelope pre paid at airport when departing. We had 6 devices connected all of the time.

The cost is the same once you pass 14 days (so 21 cost the same as 30 days).

I am planning on using them again on my trip to Japan this year.

They are at en.wifi-rental-store.jp

Hope this helps.

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