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Buying unlocked iPhone 7 in Sapporo? 2017/3/9 19:41
Hi all,
I am planning on visiting Sapporo next month, and while doing so I want to purchase unlocked iPhone 7, which according to replies in this forum is available in the Apple Stores.

Well I googled Apple Stores in Sapporo and found out that the only Apple Store in there is permanently closed. Can anyone please point out where else I can purchase unlocked ones? I have tried to browse BICCAMERA and Yodobashi online stores (they have physical store in Sapporo) but only found au, ntt and softbank locked iPhones.

Any help is appreciated!
by Hnry  

Re: Buying unlocked iPhone 7 in Sapporo? 2017/3/13 09:42
If you can`t schedule a transit in Tokyo, another way of buying unlocked iPhones is by going to used stores selling electronics.

Big chains like Book-off or GEO may sell used phones, some of the big electronic stores also has a used section. Found this one by searching 中古家電 on Gmap:
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Re: Buying unlocked iPhone 7 in Sapporo? 2017/3/19 20:30
Your best option is a short layover in Tokyo, where you can go to the Apple Store in Shibuya and buy an unlocked iPhone 7.
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Re: Buying unlocked iPhone 7 in Sapporo? 2017/3/20 11:03
Thanks for the answers guys. I do have layover in Tokyo in between Haneda and Narita. The flights are 6 hours apart though. Hopefully safe enough to stop by Shibuya and complete early check in?
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Re: Buying unlocked iPhone 7 in Sapporo? 2017/3/20 14:04
Oh easy, it's about 50 minutes from HND to Apple Store and about 80 minutes from there to NRT. Plenty of time.
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