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Dear visitor, if you know the answer to this question, please post it. Thank you!

My 8 days itinerary in Hokkaido 2017/3/10 00:38
i will be travelling in December with my family and young childrens. Since I cant drive in Japan because i do not have the international driving license, so I have to take local buses & trains. Please help me and tell me what do you think of my itinerary, and which place should I add or skip.

day 1 : Arrive chitose at night (stay in Sapporo)
day 2 : Sapporo
- Hokkaido prefectural office
- Sapporo clock tower
- Shiroi Kobito Park
- Jumbo Christmas Tree at Sapporo Factory
- Sapporo Beer Museum
- If have enough time visit german Christmas market at Odori
- Stroll around SUSUKINO

*** Shiroi Kobito Park (How long should i spend time in here??)
*** Sapporo Beer Museum ( can we bring young children here?)

Day 3 : Otaru day trip
- Otaru music Box
- Kitaichi glass gallery
- Canal area

day 4 : NISEKO
- stay at resort
*** which area should i stay at? niseko village?

day 5 : LAKE TOYA
*** how to go to lake toya from NISEKO? is there any Bus? is it covered by JR / Hokkaido pass?

day 6 : Furano
- Blue Pond
- Ningle Terrace
*** how to go from Lake toya to Furano ?
*** do i have to stay in Furano ?
*** is it worth the visit?

Day 7: Asahikawa
- asahiyama zoo

**** should i stay in sapporo?
*** how to travel from furano to asahikawa?

Day 8 : sapporo

Please tell me what do you think of my itinerary ? which one do you think should go first or after the other?? does the order of my itinerary is feasible? or is it too tiring? too packed? should i buy Hokkaido pass? is it worth it? since i may take buses that is also not all covered by JR / hokkaido pass?
please let me know what you think. Thank you very much.

by ncdewi  

Re: My 8 days itinerary in Hokkaido 2017/3/10 11:48
I'd recommend about 3 hours for Shiroi Koibito.

Yes you can take children to the Sapporo Beer Museum.

Take a look at the pages for each place as they have travel times and coverage of passes
Google maps and hyperdia are worthwhile for transport options too.
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