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fugu in late august- early september 2017/3/10 02:00
I'm going to tokyo from august 26th to september 4th. my question is, can i catch fugu meals? how much does the fugu costs.
by rceja0592  

Re: fugu in late august- early september 2017/3/10 16:09
as far as i know fugo is no seasonal dish and can be gotten around the year. prices are about 80-200 EUR, but if you just want to try it you can get some single sushi or sashimi in good sushi restaurants for about 10 EUR
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Re: fugu in late august- early september 2017/3/11 01:22
by Winter Visitor rate this post as useful

Re: fugu in late august- early september 2017/3/11 16:50
Wild-caught fugu is in season during the winter months (approx. October to March), although you can find farmed fugu year-round at many fugu specialty restaurants.

Because of fugu's toxicity, restaurants need a special license to serve it, so you won't find it in regular sushi restaurants.

It's not particularly tasty though, and certainly not worth paying a huge price for. If you really want to try it, I'd suggest going at lunchtime, or ordering just a plateful rather than a whole expensive meal.
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Re: fugu in late august- early september 2017/3/13 05:08
As sashimi it is lovely with the particular citrus sauce that they put on it, and cut so thin it is transparent-ish. But that is more the sauce that I like, I think. I've also had it boiled/stewed but really it was like a piece of chicken.
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Re: fugu in late august- early september 2017/3/19 19:49
You can get Fugu year round, but once you've had it it's not worth the cost. You won't find it at 100\ sushi shops, but you can usually get a plate for about 1000\ at higher end sushi places. I've never had it with any kind of citrus sauce, nothing more than a few drops of lemon.
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