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Can tourists rent voice sim cards as of 2017? 2017/3/11 10:57
I will be visiting Japan later this year and was wondering if I can rent a voice SIM card.

If I can rent a voice sim card, am I able to rent it when I am actually in Japan or do I need to rent one online before I go?

Are there any companies/online sites that you would recommend to rent a voice SIM card?

Also, I've read about a law restricting nonresidents staying 90 days or less from buying voice SIM cards, but is that law still in effect as of 2017?

P.S.I am a nonresident who will be visiting for less than 90 days.
by harambe  

Re: Can tourists rent voice sim cards as of 2017? 2017/3/11 13:22
There are sims for visitors. A quick google search of "japan sim rental" nets huge results.
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Re: Can tourists rent voice sim cards as of 2017? 2017/3/11 13:34
As far as I know, non-residents can't buy a voice SIM, but there's never been any issue with renting them.
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Re: Can tourists rent voice sim cards as of 2017? 2017/3/11 16:09
Yes, the law is still in effect.

It is difficult to rent a voice sim, but a couple of companies do it.

You really don't need voice when VoIP is cheaper and still reliable (and cheaper IMO/experience).
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Re: Can tourists rent voice sim cards as of 2017? 2017/3/19 20:35
It is not possible to buy a voice SIM in Japan on a short stay visa. You can rent one at the airport. The costs are pretty high, though you will get a Japanese number. The other option is to rent a WiMax router that gives you data and use something like Skype (can get a Japanese number), Google Voice/Hangouts or Line.
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