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Okinawa and Tattoos 2017/3/12 03:50
Hello i searched the forum but didnt really find a good answer,either i am bad at searching or the search function doesnt like me ^^
so my question is,i will visit Japan this September and plan to visit Okinawa than for around a week and enjoy the beaches,suntanning and swimming,but i am heavily tattooed at arms,legs and chest,would i have problems at beaches in Okinawa?like being banned or getting kicked out of the beaches?or other stuff?i hope someone can help me in answering this question :)
Greetings Sebastian
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Re: Okinawa and Tattoos 2017/3/12 11:07
I think you're pretty bad a searching. If you just Google tattoo and Japan, you will find similar questions in Japan in general.
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Re: Okinawa and Tattoos 2017/3/13 16:45
The threads that Mike kindly introduced doesn't seem to mention Okinawa, which the OP is asking about.

I figured Okinawa would slightly be a different story, because there are certain parts in Japan where tribal traditions used to encourage people to have tattoos so that they would be respected, and Okinawa is one of them.

Searching the internet, I noticed that beaches in Okinawa hardly prohibit tattoos although pools and spas often do.

Another thing is that if you go to the countryside of Okinawa or even its islands like Miyakojima, there are lots of beaches where you'd find no one else (not even a life guard). So tattoos won't be an issue there.

Also note that with the Japanese government promoting inbound tourism, there is an awareness about trying to accept fashion tattoos. So things are changing.

I'm sure you'll be booking accommodation in advance. Ask there.
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