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Cherry Blossom 2017 2017/3/12 15:12
Hi there!

We are planning to arrive in Tokyo in May 8. Im wondering if we could still catch the cherry blossom in Hirosaki on May 9?

by Liz (guest)  

Re: Cherry Blossom 2017 2017/3/13 13:05
Maybe? I'm afraid you're not going to find a better answer than that because it's impossible to know. May 9 is at the tail end of the currently projected blossoming period for Hirosaki, well past projected peak. A lot will depend on the weather, as wind and rain will drop petals quicker, as well of course the accuracy of the projections.

Keep an eye on the blossoming forecasts, and if you want to improve your odds consider going further north to Hakodate.
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