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Marriage Proposal Locations in Kyushu 2017/3/13 01:37
I am planning to travel to Northern Kyushu (Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto & Oita) with my girlfriend in the coming summer.

This is our first time travelling to Kyushu. I am planning to propose to my GF during the travel.

My preference is better to be at peaceful places for me to play some songs with my GF alone, rather than crowded area. Night scenary, beaches, restaurants with good views & good hotels / B&B would be better for me.

Are there any good suggestions on the locations? Thanks!
by David Drexler (guest)  

Re: Marriage Proposal Locations in Kyushu 2017/3/13 12:20
How about here?

by biwakoman rate this post as useful

Re: Marriage Proposal Locations in Kyushu 2017/3/13 13:07
Mt.Inasa/稲佐山 in Nagasaki city is most famous night view spot in Kyushu.
But too noisy by a lot of tourist.

Also "HUIS TEN BOSCH/ハウステンボス(famous theme park)" a lot of good locations
also high class hotels with but no feel Romantic "Japan".

"Fukuoka tower" provided special Marriage Proposal plan. (one night for only one couple)

@ biwakoman
That place is really good but no chance in Summer :/
Only in Feb and Oct.
by RAShiraha (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Marriage Proposal Locations in Kyushu 2017/3/13 16:10
If the weather is good, and you can drive, the top of the Daikanbo look out near Mt Aso makes a nice place. Or, try in one of the boats near the falls at Takachiho.
by Ken (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Marriage Proposal Locations in Kyushu 2017/3/14 08:31
I have not noticed that you will come to Japan in Summer.

It is very humid and hot here in summer.

I recommend you to visit the cooler highlands.

For examples, Kirishima or Kuju, Aso.
by biwakoman rate this post as useful

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