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Re-activate my SIM card 2017/3/14 12:09
I lived Japan for 2 years and used AU SIM card. Now, I am living my home country more than 1 year. I am having a plan to Japan again in coming October. Could you suggest me, how to active my previous AU number although i have AU iphone. Thank you.
by akrana  

Re: Re-activate my SIM card 2017/3/19 16:01

I think you need to go AU shop to re-activate. or another option is, just choose what ever phone company you like to contract and let them know that you like to use old phone number.

However, how long are you planning to visit Japan? Most contract phone companies has minimum of 1 year or 2 years contract. If you only planning to visit short term as holiday, probably easier to buy new sim card at airport (however those are just internet data only sim. which means you don't get Japanese phone number so, you need to use app like facebook, viber, skype and etc apps to contact with people.)

by Aki (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Re-activate my SIM card 2017/3/19 19:21
Thank you for good suggestions. I have plan to go japan at least 3 years.
by akrana rate this post as useful

Re: Re-activate my SIM card 2017/3/19 20:00
After two years I doubt you can get the old phone number even if you go back to AU, though it may be possible. You will have to go back to AU and inquire if you wish to use their service, or have the number released if you want to go with another like Softbank.
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