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From Narita Express to Marunouchi Line 2017/3/15 10:46

I will be taking Narita Express from the airport and I need to connect to the Marunouchi Line for my final destination at Shin-Nakano station.

I believe I can use Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Station but for a first time traveler to Japan not sure which one (if any!) will be easier. Although luggage is light there will be some.

Any advice is most welcome.

by Jorge (guest)  

Re: From Narita Express to Marunouchi Line 2017/3/15 15:02
Change at Tokyo. The N'Ex lines are very close to the subway and is one of the easiest transfers.

A change at Shinjuku would be a lot more complex by comparison (I don't think it is especially hard, just that Tokyo is easier).
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Re: From Narita Express to Marunouchi Line 2017/3/15 16:37
Well, I recommend that you would make a transfer in Tokyo Stations, which sounds easier than finding your way in the complicated Shinjuku station complex.

Narita Express trains leaving NRT all make a stop at Tokyo Station.
Your luggage is light, so you can make this transfer in less than 10 minutes, I suppose, except when an escalator is so crowded that you have to wait in a long queue.

Tokyo Station of JR has one main building and two underground annexes.
- East Japan Railway: Map of (JR) Tokyo Station

In Tokyo Station, Narita Express trains use the tracks on the 5th basement in the Sobu underground annex, which is around the bottom of the map.
(A Narita Express train leaving NRT for two destinations is divided here into two parts.)

You can first go up by escalator to the intermediate hall on the 4th basement then go further up by escalator to the concourse on the 1st basement.
You pass through Marunouchi Underground Central Gate to exit JR, walk on the short pathway to Tokyo Station (M-17) on the Marunouchi Line and get through the gate to enter Tokyo Metro.
Then, you go down by elevator or escalator to the platform and catch a train bound for Ogikubo at Track 1, which should bring you to (M-05) Shin-nakano in around 25 minutes.

- Tokyo Metro: Marunouchi Line timetables: Departures for Shinjuku and Ogikubo from Tokyo Station

- Tokyo Subway Route Map (with station codes)
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Re: From Narita Express to Marunouchi Line 2017/3/15 16:48
Transfering at Tokyo stn only once enough like this.
N'EX will be arr at (Underground) Sobu/Yokosuka Line Platform.

Above video suggested part is just
fr ŠÛ‚Ì“à’n‰º’†‰›Œû (Marunouchi under ground central ticket gate/JR)
to ’n‰º“SŠÛƒm“àü‰üŽDŒû (Subway "Marunouchi line" ticket gate)

This is Marunouchi line's "Tokyo" stn map.
Take for ‰¬ŒE/Ogikubo train but some trains doesn't.
(Shin-Nakano : M5, Tokyo : M17/stn numbering)
But dep info board showing JP-EN(Roman)-JP-EN frequently no worry.
Train car monitor(above the door) guide,too.

This is Shin-Nakano stn map. (train coming fr map right/east)

Subway trains operating number enough until late night. (change date/time) (this is not rush hour)

Until JR Tokyo stn "bus" is cheaper than N'EX.
But bus arr point is oppsite Yaesu(East area nick) side,
so have to across the station to Marunouchi(West area nick) side.

As total time taking "Skykliner" is fastest but will be two transfering.

Buy IC card Suica(by JR-East) or PASMO(by Non-JR groups*) at NRT
for Subway "Marunouchi line" if no discount pass. (* Keisei Railway is so in NRT)
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Re: From Narita Express to Marunouchi Line 2017/3/15 17:04
By the way, which terminal of Narita International Airport [NRT] are you expected to use?
Currently in NRT Terminal 3 there is no railroad station.
If your plane comes down to Terminal 3 and you hope to take a train, you go first to Terminal 2.

For a foreign traveler who has round-trip Narita Express rides within 14 calendar days, NfEX TOKYO Round Trip Ticket package is worth considering.

Alternatively you can use a low-cost bus line to go between NRT and Ginza and take a train on the Marunouchi Line between Ginza Station (M-16) and (M-05) Shin-nakano Station.
- The Access Narita
- Tokyo Shuttle

A change at Shinjuku would be a lot more complex by comparison

Shinjuku Station (M-08) on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line is north next to Shinjuku Station of JR, and Narita Express tracks are near its south end.
So, when you make a transfer between the two there, you have to walk long to a JR gate which is close to a Tokyo Metro gate.
Also, it may be difficult for you to find a route without staircases.

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