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USJ Express Pass in Mid-April: Yes or No? 2017/3/16 19:54
Hi, I would like to ask regarding Express Pass for USJ.

We are 2 females.
We are planning to go to Universal Studios Japan in mid-April (precisely on April 19 2017) and Tokyo Disneyland in late-April (weekday as well).

Me myself have already entered USJ one time in Summer 2012, while my cousins have never been to USJ, let alone Japan. She is eager to go to USJ, especially Harry Potter Area.

So we are wondering, should we get Express Pass or it should be fine without one? Because the WWoHP hype apparently is still a thing among Japanese I heard and currently there is Cool Japan 2017 (with 6 new attractions). Would it be so crowded? Even after post-sakura season and before Golden Week.

Wishlist of attractions :
Harry Potter 4K3D
Wand Magic (??)
Spiderman 4K3D
Flying Dinosaurs
Hollywood Dream -Backdrop-
Evangelion XR Ride
Godzilla : The Real 4D
Attack on Titan : The Real
And probably visit some shops

Are those too many for one whole day?
Do I have to eliminate some of them (probably the similiar attractions with in Disneyland) if I have to use admission ticket only?

Oh, and we do mind using Single Ride. So, I don't think it might be usefull.

Thank you!
by Jessicastephany  

Re: USJ Express Pass in Mid-April: Yes or No? 2017/3/17 19:01
I bought the Express Pass 7 Flying Dinosaur through once my date was available due to high rate of sell out (I'm going same week as you, just 2 days earlier for my birthday). I bought it because I didn't want to stand in line just in case forecast is wrong and it's crowded. I also bought Cool Japan Express Pass. I had to cancel that one due to time conflict with the EP7. I figured if I can shave off waiting time with the EP7, I'll have time to go to some of the Cool Japan attractions. I also read somewhere that there is 2 4D movies showing - Godzilla and Monster Hunter, and that it alternates showings. I thought that info maybe wrong but when I was emailed my times for the pass and it had Monster Hunter: The Real 4D offered and no Godzilla 4D. That was the other reason I canceled the pass - conflicting time and no Godzilla.

You can check this link (use google translate) to see crowd forecast:

for April 19th...looks like it won't be crowded. But it will be up to you to define "crowded". I'm planning on using single line rider for Evangelion and other attractions that's not on my pass if it's offered.

If you don't get any Express Pass make a list of Must See/Do attraction in order you want. Then you should go straight to HP area to get a timed slot. Then work around that HP time with the other attractions.

The link above also shows estimated waiting times for certain attractions. Just move cursor or highlight over the day you visit and a pop up box shows up. The times should be at bottom of box.

By the way, your wishlist is the same as mines. Maybe add a few more to that.
by hibell77 rate this post as useful

Re: USJ Express Pass in Mid-April: Yes or No? 2017/3/17 22:37
Thank you for your explanation.

Anyway, does every single attractions on Express Pass have particular periode of time that we have to follow or we can use it anytime as long as the attractions are available?
(Except attractions in WWoHP of course)

My definition of "crowded" (in this context) is when we can't enjoy the attractions on my wishlist with only admission ticket, no single rides, no express pass.

So, do you really think I have to buy Express Pass?
Do you really think the wishlist still can be added?
by Jessicastephany rate this post as useful

Re: USJ Express Pass in Mid-April: Yes or No? 2017/3/17 22:43
Anyway, is スタンバイ目安 means the est of waiiting times?

"60ー90" means 60-90minutes, am I correct?
by Jessicastephany rate this post as useful

Re: USJ Express Pass in Mid-April: Yes or No? 2017/3/18 03:31
Had to pull up my pass from email.

Entry times to get in line between:
11:20A Can enter HP area
11:40A-12:10P Forbidden Journey
12:10P-12:40P Flight of Hippograff
1:50P-2:20P Flying Dinosaur
Other attractions No time entry. I'm assuming just go to entrance of attraction anytime and will let you enter in different lane if it's the same as other express pass like in disney.

Yes, that means standby or waiting time. The "crowd" will be up to you to decide if you think you can handle the estimated time wait with no express pass or using single ride. I'm going solo so it's a no brainer for me to use any single ride option if it's available.

I think adding on will only be if you have the passes and using single line. Maybe possible to add without them but that if the waiting times is shorter than expected.

by hibell77 rate this post as useful

Re: USJ Express Pass in Mid-April: Yes or No? 2017/3/18 03:56
Thank you for your helps!

I don't know that Flying Dinosaurs does have particular periode of time as well. I think it because you have chosen Express Pass 7 -Flying Dinousaurs-.

It means if I choose Express Pass 7 -Evangelion XR Rides-, that attraction probably will have a schedule that I have to follow as well (aside from HP).

Yeah, unfortunately we don't want to separate while enjoying the attractions. ^^;

Anyway, will you go to Disneyland?
Does the Fast Pass for Disneyland have similar system?
by Jessicastephany rate this post as useful

Re: USJ Express Pass in Mid-April: Yes or No? 2017/3/18 04:43
Yes...there are variety of Express Pass from 4 to 7 attractions. And if you choose the EP7 Evangelion that will have a time slot.

The Cool Pass I tried to get had the Evangelion time with one of my EP7 times.

I'll be going to Disney Sea not Disneyland. They don't sell them like USJ. But I think they have special fast pass if buying a vacation package. But getting the FP in Disney will be crazy. Google which attractions have Fast Pass so you can figure out which one to head out first. I heard got to arrive early (like at least an hour before opening) and wait for gates to open. Once in, need to make a dash for which ever attraction you want a fast pass for. I believe once you have a FP you can't get another one immediately. I think you can get another one when your first FP time starts. I think there is a time at bottom of FP to let you know when you can get another FP for another attraction. I think Disney has a few single ride line not like USJ. From what I've read, one must take advantage of any FP and try maximize time arount it.
by hibell77 rate this post as useful

Re: USJ Express Pass in Mid-April: Yes or No? 2017/3/18 05:36
Okay, thank you so much :D
by Jessicastephany rate this post as useful

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