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DisneySea vacation package FP, how it work's 2017/3/17 08:25
Hi there,

We're planning for 15 day Japan trip during the Cherry Blossom season on 2018.
We would like to visit DisneySea only during our stay in Japan.

I'm wondering how does the FP work when you busy a vacation package. Depending on the number of days you book, you get so many FP which can be redeemed at the park you visit.

However, how do you use the FP? are they like a general FP which can be used at any (FP)attraction any time of the day? Or do these need to be booked prior?

Is it practical to stay at one of the Disney Hotels (most likely Ambassador) for all of Tokyo stay? Is it easy to commute to see all the Tokyo attractions if we stay here? or it's better to stay somewhere else?

Thanks for your time and assistance in advance.

by Megha B (guest)  

Re: DisneySea vacation package FP, how it work's 2017/3/17 16:09
Hi Megha,
Let's share the knowledge on FP in Disneysea. In fact, i will travel to Tokyo on 23/3/2017 which is my first time travel to Japan. From what i study on Disneysea FP, there are 7 attractions come with FP. Others attraction need to queue without FP. Download the "TDR wait time" apps which will help you to understand more. FP machine located at the attraction respectively. You need to "run" to your selected attraction's FP machine and use your park ticket QR code to scan on the machine. You will then obtain a FP ticket which will show you the period of time that you should enter the attraction (eg. 10:00am - 11:00am) . You will notice a time indicated for your next FP on the ticket means you only allow to scan your second FP at another attraction after the indicated time.

To travel around Tokyo, it is not advisable to stay at Disney area. Stay near to main station which is convenience to travel to most of the destination. I will stay nearby Ueno station for Cherry Blossom.
by James Chong rate this post as useful

Re: DisneySea vacation package FP, how it work's 2017/3/17 20:18
In simple terms, you can only use one FP per entry ticket, per person at one time, once the time has pasted, you can rescan your entry ticket at the FP machine for your next attraction, and the duration of use is for the whole day. I would also add that probably max two days is enough to see all disney sea at a slow pace, for most one day is all you need.

For your hotel, if you want to experiences the disney theme (not all have disney theme), one night stay is enough, but if you intend to go down town, stay near a metro or JR station is a better option, as there isn't much to see and eat if you stay near the disney area. As JC above has said, Ueno is a good option, for food and shopping, and has access to other locations, and it's pretty cheap.
by kms899 rate this post as useful

Re: DisneySea vacation package FP, how it work's 2017/3/17 22:43
vacation package fast passes are different to the regular times ones. you can use them at any time. you don't need to visit the fast pass machines for timed tickets (unless you want some regular fast passes). you receive all your fast pass tickets ready to go with your vacation package welcome mail. have fun!
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Re: DisneySea vacation package FP, how it work's 2017/3/17 23:03
Thank for letting me know, never knew they had these available. Must be a disney and travel agent deal.
by kms899 rate this post as useful

Re: DisneySea vacation package FP, how it work's 2017/3/19 07:22

Thanks everyone for your replies.

From the forums and blogs I could tell that the regular FP is very much first come first serve and one at a time.

We can do only 1 day at DS so wanted to make most of it. Hence were looking at vacation package. With vacation package you get 3 FP per person per day. So depending on the number of nights you get so many FPs.

I wasn't sure how these would work as they probably wouldn't have time or name of attraction printed on it except for the date. These can be used in either parks.

It's great to know that it's practical to stay central to be able to enjoy Tokyo and surroundings in general.

So we can find this at the end of trip or something.

Hope this is correct.

Thanks for your time.
by Megha B (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: DisneySea vacation package FP, how it work's 2017/3/19 07:43
You can ask at the entrance at disneysea if they accept them, TBH, I won't even both about the regular disney, disneysea is one of the kind, the only one in the world and I think, is not owned by disney in anyway.

If you only have 3 tickets per person, do some research on what is available at disneysea before you arrive there.
by kms899 rate this post as useful

Re: DisneySea vacation package FP, how it work's 2017/3/20 04:00

Yes we're only keen in Disney Sea for a day hence keen in vacation package as it comes with FP.

The trip is almost a year away so plenty of time to plan. We're having a look so we can decide how many days is good to enjoy Japan during curry blossom.

Disney Sea just happens to be there :)

We'll try to fit it towards the end of the trip so that we can train into Tokyo and stay at one of the Disney resort and fly home from there. That way don't have to change hotels in the middle of the stay.

Looks like the FP that come with VP are generic ones which can be used in either parks for the day they are issued for. They're non-transferable, must be used on the day printed and in one park only for the rides that accept FPs.

Hope this helps.

by Megha B (guest) rate this post as useful

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