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Using Verizon wifi-calling in Japan 2017/3/17 08:30
Any verizon customer has used wifi calling in Japan?
Please share your experience.

I will be travelling to Kansai region and will be renting a wifi hotspot at the airport.
I want to *receive* phone calls on my Verizon phone.
I have verizon pre-paid plan. Prepaid plan doesnt have Japan roaming option.
So I am planning to put my phone on airplane mode, and then use wifi calling to receive phone call.

by SoupCurry  

Re: Using Verizon wifi-calling in Japan 2017/3/17 23:01
I'm sure if you are after wifi calling, it doesn't matter what plan you are on, the calls will be made through wifi, but you have to check your phones if verizon has blocked the feature.
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Re: Using Verizon wifi-calling in Japan 2017/3/18 06:51
If you are on airplane mode, you will not receive phone calls at all on your Verizon number. Only a VOIP phone number will work or apps like Skype, Google voice/hangout, WhatsApp, Line, etc.

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Re: Using Verizon wifi-calling in Japan 2017/3/19 20:17
Maybe I do not understand what you are asking. If your mobile is in airplane mode, you won't be able to use WiFi calling. Project Fi by Google works in Japan for direct access. If you are using WiMax in Japan you will need something like Skype (can get a Japan phone number) or could make calls and receive calls using Google Voice and Hangouts. The other option that's very popular in Japan is the LINE app which lets you make calls between users.
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