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Where to look for an art model 2017/3/17 13:18
Hey everyone.
So, I am spending some time in Oita. I looked for open life drawing sessions but could not find any, sadly (if you know about anything, let me know!).
Since my girlfriend has a space I can use, I was thinking of organizing it myself, together with her, as she will sponsorship it with her restaurant. Nothing I am getting money for, just trying to get some people together to draw from a model.

Here come the problem: where should I look for the model? I tried a local agency but they want 4000 yen per hour for a person posing in swimsuit, and it's way away the budget (we will be around 6 people, can't afford that much).

Is there any site I can post on, like advertisement or alike? I think the best we can pay a model in swimsuit is 2000 yen per hour, for a 3 hours session every saturday

Thanks in advance!
by CaptNemo  

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