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A blog or YouTube channel 2017/3/17 17:31
Hi there!
I'm currently trying to find a way to improving my Japanese skills that would suit me.
There are some learners who create an only Japanese blog and post an entry there to improve their Japanese skills. On the other hand, some learners create a an only Japanese YouTube channel and upload videos speaking in Japanese. Which one do you think is better YouTube? or blog(.
If you think neither of them are a good method explain your reason please.
(Omg, it sounds like a school test question!).
Thank you for answering.
by Chokohime  

Re: A blog or YouTube channel 2017/3/17 23:05
Unless you embed a video in it, a blog would just work on your writing skill (which is important).

YouTube channel would be a video with sound, so that would work on your speaking skill.

For both, you may need constructive comments/criticism to correct any mistake.
by Nora Neko (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: A blog or YouTube channel 2017/3/17 23:37
Thank you nora neko for answering my question. I'll try them both.
by Chokohime rate this post as useful

Re: A blog or YouTube channel 2017/3/19 01:32
How about blogs BY Japanese native?
Some Japanese schools and teachers have a blog FOR lerners.
If you google ishijls blog, I think you will find one :-)
by Emile (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: A blog or YouTube channel 2017/3/19 01:39
Sorry, I forgot to write the reason why I suggested blog by native.
It is because their Japanese is better, you may learn wrong Japanese if you refer to Japanese by non-native.
But correcting mistakes in Japanese text by non-native would help you also :-)
by Emile (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: A blog or YouTube channel 2017/3/19 15:54
Thank you so much.
by Chokohime rate this post as useful

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