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Language that are used in Konbini 2017/3/17 21:27
does anyone can help me to give some examples of languages that are used when you work in konbini?

how to say your money has been received (the moment when the customer give you the money for the goods that they buy)

how to say this is your receipt
by cexhau  

Re: Language that are used in Konbini 2017/3/18 11:21
(eg, you have received 500 Yen: 500(Gohyaku) Yen Oazukari-itashimasu)

Here is 20 Yen change: 20 Yen (no) okaeshi-desu
this is often heard receiving money and giving back changes)
by tokyo friend 48 rate this post as useful

Re: Language that are used in Konbini 2017/3/18 13:16
They will teach you all the phrases once you get a job working there. Be sure to write them down and study them at home.
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