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Anime Concerts during 16th - 30th April 2017/3/18 01:24
Basically are there any anime concerts during the 16th - 30th of April.
Is there a link that shows me what is on and where?
by Shintai  

Re: Anime Concerts during 16th - 30th April 2017/3/18 20:58
No big one like アニサマ,アニマックス,リスアニ and more.

But smaller events are so so.
ライブ(Live) is so.

What title (TV/Movie), voice actor/actress, anisonartist you like?
Checked each official web/twitter?
by Novatic (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Anime Concerts during 16th - 30th April 2017/3/20 19:57
I don't really mind I was just hoping to find something similar to a mix mash of that year basically.
But I guess probably isn't possible.
Thanks though.
by Shintai rate this post as useful

Re: Anime Concerts during 16th - 30th April 2017/3/22 13:12
Super Robot Spirits movement is celebrating its 20th anniversary with two concerts on April 29-30 and lots of anime singers, but these will be mostly oldies from the 70s-80s. The first day will be heavily Gundam classics.
by AlexanderStankov rate this post as useful

Re: Anime Concerts during 16th - 30th April 2017/3/23 19:22
Thanks for the additional info.
A fan of Gundam. But not much of a fan of the classics.
If it was part of the more modern franchaise I would be game for it. (Seed, Iron Blood, Builders, 00 etc.
by Shintai rate this post as useful

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