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Travel to Kinosakionsen 2017/3/18 02:36
Whats the best way to get to Kinosaki onsen from Koya-san?
Via osaka or kyoto? Any insight would be very helpful. Thansks.
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Re: Travel to Kinosakionsen 2017/3/18 12:34

From Koyasan, you would be better off taking the train directly from Shin-Osaka station.

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Re: Travel to Kinosakionsen 2017/3/18 22:50
Whatfs the best way to get to Kinosaki Onsen from Koya-san?
Via Osaka or Kyoto?

Via Osaka City.
(A route via Shin-Osaka Station includes a short detour.)

When will you travel?
How is your whole itinerary?
It takes about 5 hours to travel all the way by railroad, changing trains at least three times.
So, it may be better to make your Mount Koya trip and your Kinosaki trip separately.

You can take a JR Limited Express "Konotori" (with the first "o" pronounced longer) at either Shin-Osaka or Osaka Station.
Konotori trains starting from Shin-Osaka Station make a stop at Osaka Station.

Some Konotori trains, especially later trains, do not go as far as to Kinosakionsen Station.
When you take Konotori 7 bound for Fukuchiyama (departing from Shin-Osaka / Osaka at 11:05 / 11:11), you can change trains at Fukuchiyama to Kinosaki 5, which is to arrive to Kinosakionsen Station at 13:49.

When you make a transfer in Shin-Osaka Stations from subway to a JR conventional (= non-Shinkansen) line, you pass by the Shinkansen gate.
If you travel during a busy season with a JR-West Kansai WIDE Area Pass (, which covers a Limited Express surcharge only when your seat is not reserved), you might hope to catch a Konotori train at Shin-Osaka, aiming to secure your seat.

Carrying much luggage, you need more time to make a transfer, which may result in massing a train which you could catch when you minimize the amount of your luggage.
I recommend that you pack lightly.

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Correction: typo 2017/3/18 22:54
NOT: massing
BUT: missing

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