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EMS shipping not arrive yet? since 16 days 2017/3/18 12:34

I have 6 shipments from JPAN to Saudi Arabia. the packages last distention was in OSAKA AirPort (Dispatch from outward office of exchange) that was in 3rd of march and today is 18th of March.

I asked the sender and he said JP EMS informed him that all packages has been shipped from Airport .
I asked Saudi EMS and they informed me that there is nothing arrive ?

I am lost. I am not sure where is my packages and scared a bit, it may lost?

I appreciate any help. btw the shipments are 8 wheels if that info help.

Thank you,
by Sam (guest)  

Re: EMS shipping not arrive yet? since 16 days 2017/3/19 11:17
I think someone in Saudi or wherever is now driving around in a truck or car with 8 brand new wheels.

EMS should be there by now AND it should be fully tracked from A to B.
by HP (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: EMS shipping not arrive yet? since 16 days 2017/3/19 19:53
I agree with the other poster. Only one of two things happened either customs has your "wheels" or they were misdelivered and someone else in Saudi has your wheels.
by PsyGuy rate this post as useful

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