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Dear visitor, if you know the answer to this question, please post it. Thank you!

Osaka Shopping 2017/3/19 00:38
Will be in Osaka in late June.

1) Tenjimbashisuji shopping street
As it is a very long street, can I assume there are sufficient shops near Minamimorimachi station ?
Or should I start from the other end of the shopping street (near Tenjimbashi 6-chome station) ?

2) Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street
Should I start exploring the street from Shinsaibashi station or Namba station ?
Which side has more shops (like cheap drug stores, low cost supermarkets etc.) ?

3) Sennichimae Doguyasuji shopping street
Understand this street has shops selling kitchen wares etc. What sort of kitchen wares are sold ?
Is this street worth a visit as in are the wares sold here of good quality and difficult to obtain elsewhere ?
Are shops there open on a Sunday ?

4) Where are the big 100 yen shops located in Osaka city centre ?

5) Does anyone know of any supermarkets (not those high end department stores ones) that may sell fresh vegetables and fruits and also open on a Sunday ?
Unfortunately I understand many shops in Kuromon Market are closed on a Sunday.


by lifesucketh  

Osaka Shopping 2017/4/1 00:36
re-posting in case anyone knows....
by lifesucketh rate this post as useful

Re: Osaka Shopping 2017/4/1 06:56
2) Shinsaibashi:
don't expect any cheap drug stores or lowcost supermarkets here, it's mostly fashion stores and restaurants. the chainstore drugstores are far from cheap IMO.

3) Sennichimae Doguyasuji:
they sell basically everything, but if you're not looking for something particular I wouldn't bother.

4) Where are the big 100 yen shops:
just type in the name of the shop (like daiso) + osaka in google...

5) kuromon is more famous for being the overpriced tourist trap these days, even if there's a few fruit stores, you might wanna visit the neighbourhood supermarket. where are you st aying?
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Re: Osaka Shopping 2017/4/1 12:02
Thanks for the information.

- there are many Daiso Osaka; hence not sure if a local knows where are the big 100 yen shops in Osaka city centre.

- will be staying near JR Osaka station/Umeda, only aware of those big supermarkets within department stores with high prices.
Does anyone know of any neighbourhood supermarkets near that area ?

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Re: Osaka Shopping 2017/4/2 23:30
The other user just suggested Daiso, but there are other brands of 100yen stores besides Daiso, like Watts, CanDo, Seria and Meets. That is if your interested in other 100yen stores rather than the only internationally known store Daiso (people outside of Japan only have heard of Daiso but in Japan there are more 100yen brands besides Daiso). In Kansai region such as in Osaka Seria seems to be more popular than Daiso, as it has more locations than Daiso.
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