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What to give a Japanese guy to remember me? 2017/3/19 14:28
Hello everyone,

I am traveling in Japan for a couple of months and during my trip I fell in love with a Japanese guy. We have hung out every day from the day we met. And when we don't see each other all we can think about is the other person.

Anyway, we both know I have to go back to Europe when my travels are over.
I cannot ask him to wait for me all his life to see if I am ever able to come and live in Japan.
But I want to give him something so he can always remember me, and the time we had together.

Any ideas on what to give him?

Thank you so much for your help!
by Pegasushi  

Re: What to give a Japanese guy to remember me? 2017/3/20 17:12
We can't tell you that, you need to think of something that expresses you and your relationship. The best gift he would like is of course to stay in touch with you.
by PsyGuy rate this post as useful

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