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I would like to move to japan with my fiance 2017/3/19 23:53
Hello, I am 20 years old and have been working as an apprentice tool maker for two years I have got four years until I get an HND or HNC. My fiance is also 20 years old and has two years until she will receive a BA designer maker. We plan to move there by the time we are 28. I would appreciate any advice on anything additional qualification's or courses or anything else that can help us achieve our goals.
by connord812 (guest)  

Re: I would like to move to japan with my fiance 2017/3/20 17:39
I am not familiar with HND/HNC, but if you want to get a work visa in Japan (for most visa categories) you need to have a bachelor's degree at least to qualify.

Also what would you like to "do" in Japan?

If you want to find some work in your fields of study (tool making, maybe expanded to engineering if you go for a degree for you, and designer for your fiance), you will probably need to be fluent in the Japanese language, or at least have working level knowledge.

If you want to start with English teaching (a so-called "entry" job, as the only qualification you need is that you have a bachelor's degree and being native speakers of the English language or equivalent), you do not need the local language knowledge, though of course it would help with your day-to-day activities to know Japanese.

If you get married, if one of you finds a job and gets a work visa, the spouse can stay in Japan as "dependent." If not, each of you have to find employment to be eligible for work visa on his/her own.

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