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spending a night in Mt Koya 2017/3/20 17:37
decided to put up a night in Mt Koya .

have a few questions :
1) we (2 senior citizen of 70 years old) do not know which temple to stay to our convenience , staying and viewing. Any suggestions ?
2) we have a 20inches luggage , can we leave the luggage at the temple in the morning(before noon) when we arrive Mount Koya ? It will be very clumsy to drag the luggage walking around ? Any suggestion ?
3) we are planning to arrive Mount Koya in early Oct. We will be landed in Osaka, have a night rest. going to Kyoto for few days . we plan to go to Nara from Kyoto (stay a night), then Nara to Mount Koya (stay a night) , then Mount Koya to Osaka.
Is this routing proper ? Kindly suggest a rational logistic .
by vinerlies  

Re: spending a night in Mt Koya 2017/3/20 20:58
Just a quick suggestion to nro 3. How about visiting Nara from Kyoto as a day trip? Or do you prefer to stay the night? You don't have to spend the morning dragging your luggage to the train. Instead you just take the train to Nara and then back to Kyoto. You can leave to Mt Koya from Kyoto.
I find one night stops very hard and Kyoto (or Osaka) is great place to stay and do day trips.
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Re: spending a night in Mt Koya 2017/3/20 22:10
Regarding questions 1) and 2), you may refer to the website below:

In terms of geographical location order, I don't forsee any problem to go to Koysan from Nara after staying overnight.
You may take JR Manyo Mahoroba line and Wakayama line via Takada thru Gojo and Hashimoto.
It takes about 3.5 hours to go to Koyasan.
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Re: spending a night in Mt Koya 2017/3/20 23:25
Thanks. I plan to go from Kyoto to NAra, then Mt Koya was because Nara is closer to Mt Koya (looking from the map).


Thanks for the link provided. will spend some time looking.
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Re: spending a night in Mt Koya 2017/3/20 23:28
Hi, if it takes about 3.5 hours to reach Mt Koya from Nara, then it will be longer hours from Kyoto to Mt. Koya.
am I correct ?
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Re: spending a night in Mt Koya 2017/3/21 01:58
Depending on the time of day (i.e., availability of express trains), Nara to Koyasan can be traveled in about 2.5 hours - about same as travel from Kyoto. Geographical distance is not the determining factor - it depends more on rail routs and speed of trains. Travel to Mt Koya from either Kyoto or Nara expeditiously will likely pass through Osaka. So, it may be more convenient to stay in Osaka the night before travel to Mt Koya.
by Nora Neko (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: spending a night in Mt Koya 2017/3/21 08:29
Nora Neko,

Thanks, I got it.

Better to re schedule to stay at Osaka and leave the luggage there.
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Re: spending a night in Mt Koya 2017/3/21 10:05
Hi Noraneko,

As I posted the above, there's no need to pass through Osaka from Nara to Koyasan.
In terms of geological location, I really recommend the route as I mentioned.
Especially I personally think it is the best route from Kyoto to Koyasan via Nara since the OP is planning to satay overnight in Nara.
If the OP is planning to purchase JR Pass, the route I mentioned would be more convenient.

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Re: spending a night in Mt Koya 2017/3/25 03:14
I also recommend each person taking no more than a backpack to Mt. Koya, and leaving your larger suitcases in a station locker where convenient. The cable car up the mountain and bus to your temple are extremely tight, and, depending on the time you arrival, packed with people. If you try to bring a 20 inch suitcase, you'll be regretting it. We went last week and made a last minute decision to store our larger suitcases in Osaka Namba station, and we were incredibly happy we made that decision. As an aside, we stayed at the Fukuchiin temple, and they happily stored our backpacks both before and after check-in.
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Re: spending a night in Mt Koya 2017/3/25 03:16
If language is any concern, all the staff at Fukuchiin were very fluent in English, if that makes a difference. We were very happy with our stay there, just be prepared for the cuisine, as it's definitely an acquired taste.
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