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Return Trip to Japan and maybe Korea 2017/3/20 22:53

So a new user here and used this site before for information which has been helpful so many thanks for that.

My situation, I visited Japan last year on my own and loved it and would like to return. Maybe 2/3 weeks depending on how much work allow me time off. So first time around I just did the usual Tokyo - Kyoto - Hiroshima etc just to get my bearings etc.

This time I'd start Tokyo again for a few days. I'd probably see Osaka as never got the chance to see that properly, but beyond that I am struggling on drawing up a rough idea on what else to see / places. Any help much appreciated.

I'd probably catch a flight also to Seoul for a few days, maybe from Osaka.

Anyhoo, many thanks for tips / advice
by Kuroneko60  

Re: Return Trip to Japan and maybe Korea 2017/3/21 10:33
Hi! A lot depends on the time of year but regardless, this time maybe try a run through the mountains, eg Tokyo to Karuizawa or Bessho Onsen, on to Matsumoto/Kamikouchi, then maybe Takayama, Shirakawa,Kanazawa then maybe Hikone and Osaka.

I went to Seoul a few years ago in December. It was cold beyond belief. The accomodation is much cheaper than Japan and the food is awesome. We stayed at a traditional house called Rak-ko-jae which was amazing, and then went off to Nami Island for a night which is really nice too. It isnt as geared up for tourism as Japan is, but maybe that is improving. It is completely different to Japan, though, so it is a lot of fun in its own way.
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Re: Return Trip to Japan and maybe Korea 2017/3/21 12:19
Work through this and see what interests you.
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Re: Return Trip to Japan and maybe Korea 2017/3/22 04:29
Many thanks for the replies / advice, and that's a good link!
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Re: Return Trip to Japan and maybe Korea 2017/3/22 05:10
If you want to see Seoul, look into flying Korean Air from the U.K., stopover in Seoul, fly from there to pretty much anywhere in Japan (KA have flights to loads of regional airports in Japan), travel through Japan, ending near another airport, and then fly home - changing planes in Seoul.
We did this a few years ago. Into Seoul, stopover 3 or 4 days, fly to Okayama, travel around, ending up in Fukuoka, leave Fukuoka in the morning, short hop to Seoul, almost immediately change onto the Seoul to London flight, and back home in about an hour more than it would have taken to do a direct flight from Narita (an hour which we probably saved in travel time to the airport - Fukuoka airport is practically downtown compared to Narita).
Korean Air was also quite pleasant to fly with, and reasonably priced.
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