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Day trip to Shirakawago 2017/3/21 00:51
Hi there,

I will be flying to Osaka in June and would like to visit Shirakawago. I am staying near Shinsaibashi area. Is it possible to make a day trip by own (no guided tour) to Shirakawago and return to Osaka at same night? If yes, what would be the recommended route to go there? I read some said Osaka-Takayama-Shirakawago-Takayama-Osaka. Is this the shortest and most feasible way for me to get to Shirakawago? Do I have to reserve the train/bus in advance before I arrived in Japan?

Understand it will be very time-consuming to make a daytrip from Osaka to Shirakawago, would appreciate your advise for me to maximise my travel time there. Many thanks in advance!
by cheunlee  

Re: Day trip to Shirakawago 2017/3/21 11:00
Yes u can but tough and tire.
8:25 to 12:23 Osaka to Takayama (U can take ealier train if wish to have some time at Takayama)
A tour company operation a half day tour and 13:20 is the afternoo depature time at the Takayama station. (U could booked before you go)

Tour will be :
13:20 to 14:20 Takayama to Shrikawago
16:10 to 17:10 Return bus
SO you have about 2 hours at the place.

Take evenning train 17:36 to 21:17 from Takayama to Osaka

It is possible but u spend about 10 hours on train/bus and have 2 hours at site. It would be best to plan an over-night at Takayama.
by ep (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Day trip to Shirakawago 2017/3/21 11:08
Alternatively u could take bus from Takayama to Shriakawago as Nohi Bus operates 8-9 buses per day between Takayama and Shirakawa-go (see timetable). The one way trip takes 50 minutes and costs 2400 yen. A round trip ticket is available for 4300 yen. The Japan Rail Pass is not valid on these buses.

Aim for departure at 13:50 (Takayama station) and return bus at 17:20 (Shriakawago) and if so you will delay your arrival at Osaka.
by ep (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Day trip to Shirakawago 2017/3/21 12:01
Many thanks for your input EP..
Much appreciated!
by cheunlee rate this post as useful

Re: Day trip to Shirakawago 2017/3/21 12:42
Alternatively you can go via Kanazawa which seems to be shorter time wise.

Then take Hokutetsu bus to Shirakawago (Kanazawa 9:40 11:05 Shirakawago, Reservation required).

If you just want to see Shirakawago, go back to Kanazawa, for example at 17:30. This bus will arrive at 18:45.

Take 19:47 limited express and you will arrive Shinsaibashi at 22:45.

If you want to go to Takayama, you can go there and take 18:46 Limited express and Shinkansen to Shin-Osaka and then subway to Shinsaibashi.

You might better consider buying Japan Rail pass (depending on other itinerary) or Takayama-Hokuriku Area Tourist Pass (probably pays off by itself).
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Re: Day trip to Shirakawago 2017/3/21 15:20
Thank you so much @frog1954!
Appreciate your input....
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Re: Overnite/ Day trip to Shirakawago from Tokyo 2017/3/26 18:47
Hi, maybe I ask if we can have overnight trip to Shirakawago in Dec from Tokyo area? How to book the coach or train and hotel accommodation?

If is not possible, alternative way will be Day trip only.
by Shannen66 rate this post as useful

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