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Where in Japan can I go for snow for xmas? 2017/3/21 09:32
I booked our Japan trip for this Christmas and my family wants to experience White Christmas. I've read that Tokyo has not much snow so where in japan nearest to tokyo can we go for snow? And how much will be the cheapest train? Thank you! We will be coming from Narita airport
by nrgp  

Re: Where in Japan can I go for snow for xmas? 2017/3/21 12:16

From Tokyo, the Nagano or Yuzawa areas would be the most accessible best bets for snow.
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Re: Where in Japan can I go for snow for xmas? 2017/3/21 13:42
Tokyo doesn't get a lot of snow because all the building insulate the city. When we get snow it's a few centimeters and then it's usually melted by the afternoon. Nagano is probably the best and closest opportunity. Most Japanese that are avid Skiers go to Sapporo in the Hokkaido region. I wouldn't rule out Tokyo though, Ikebukuro puts up all the Christmas lights and decorations practically overnight. College girls walk around Shibuya (Shibuya crossing) in naughty Christmas outfits, and places like Yoyogi park keep snow a little longer.
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