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Mobile Gate Wimax2 - any opinion? 2017/3/25 10:23
I am planning to stay another month in japan, but my current (shared) wifi is terrible and keeps dying. I need a reliable connection that's doesn't die all of a sudden or has continuous hiccups.

I found this one

WHich claims to have unlimited data usage and seems pretty cheap. My area seems covered (near oita)

Anyway had experience with it? Or any other Wimax 2?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Mobile Gate Wimax2 - any opinion? 2017/3/25 15:02
I used to use WiMax a lot, my flat was neither wired for fiber or cable. It works pretty well. I rarely had the "strong" green signal but almost always has a constant yellow (weak signal) which was more than enough to stream youtube video. Then I moved and had fiber in my flat and didn't need it anymore. It was convenient to take it with me when I wanted as opposed to using my mobile, and I could set up an office space anywhere with my notebook computer. The only problem is that when the battery gets to about 25% too 20% power the reliability drops.
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