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Dear visitor, if you know the answer to this question, please post it. Thank you!

Adachi Museum of Art 2017/3/26 17:48
Will visit the museum on a Sunday morning in June.
I understand the wait can occasionally be very long if one intends to catch some good photos.
Which is generally the most photogenic spot in the museum to take a postcard photo of the gardens ?
Would like to know the location of this spot in advance so that I can head straight there at the beginning of my visit before the crowds start arriving.
by lifesucketh  

Re: Adachi Museum of Art 2017/3/27 05:34
Relax, go around the museum at your own pace, and buy postcards as you leave.
It's a beautiful place to visit - it will make pictures in your head which will not go away. Do not worry.
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Re: Adachi Museum of Art 2017/3/27 05:45
Decide for yourself from below link and map:
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Re: Adachi Museum of Art 2017/3/27 07:22
well one of the best spots is soon after the entrance. this means when you enter,
run straight, run left, turn right, right again and then you stand in front of a big glass wall with the best spot of them all.
dont breave, dont stop! ignore the surprised glances of the wards. take pictures then RUUUN like hell until you come outside. ignore the beauty to the left and fly to the right, where you reach another nice spot on the outside.
in case anyone stands in your way, dont hesitate to draw a sword to make place for you.
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Re: Adachi Museum of Art 2017/3/27 07:25
ps: some honest advice: in case you stay in the small village over night, you have the chance to visit the museum before the big buses with the tourists come. early morning is the best time of them all and almost noone will be in the museum.
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