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Transfer from Narita to Haneda (3.5hrs, ok?) 2017/3/26 23:26
Hi all, I just realised that I am landing in Narita in Dec at 2.20pm, and supposed to proceed to Hanade for a flight at 6pm. Do you reckon I am able to make it? Will it be rush?

Thanks for your help..
by Lynette (guest)  

Re: Transfer from Narita to Haneda (3.5hrs, ok?) 2017/3/27 17:22
By and large airlines won't schedule connections you can't make... ;)

That said, it's about an hour and a half from Narita to Haneda. Figure in immigration and customs (which, mercifully, tends to be pretty efficient in Japan) and it's won't exactly be leisurely but you should have ample time.

There's a direct connection limousine bus, which while it's susceptible to traffic disturbances, recommended nonetheless since you won't need to sweat multiple train transfers. Overall time is about the same.
by gfoulk rate this post as useful

Re: Transfer from Narita to Haneda (3.5hrs, ok?) 2017/3/27 18:36
Thanks much.
by Lynette (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Transfer from Narita to Haneda (3.5hrs, ok?) 2017/3/27 21:48
I would take the Narita Sky Access train it's not susceptible to traffic, and although it transitions as separate trains, it's all on the same train, you board, and then remain on the same train all the way to Haneda, there is no required moving from different trains. It costs half of what the Limousine bus is, though it takes about 20 minutes longer. I would take the train it is less dependent on others. The problem with the train is its schedule is about every 30 minutes and the limousine bus is about every 15 minutes.
It's a tight connection, if your flight arrives on time and you're near the front of the immigration line you should be okay. Is this a connecting flight or two separate flights requiring a check in at Haneda? The problem is that for regional flights if you are not checked in about an hour before departure you are considered a no show, and you need to allow at least an hour to check baggage. This means that you really have 2.5 hours to get from Narita to Haneda and the travel time is about 90 minutes, leaving you an hour to clear immigration, customs and baggage claim. If you can check in for your Haneda flight online and can do so as soon as your plane touches down at Narita and get a digital boarding pass on your mobile that will help a lot, but you will still need to check baggage at least an hour in advance at Haneda. Essentially everything has to work right on arrival.
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Re: Transfer from Narita to Haneda (3.5hrs, ok?) 2017/3/28 05:27
Did this transfer last summer with 3h 20m transfer time and it was no problem at all.

If you bought the whole trip through one flight company, you might even get a staff member waiting for you outside the plane when you arrive at Narita. He/she will give you a bus timetable and a map showing where the bus stop is which takes you to Haneda. I'm used to japanese service, but this was unexpected :-)

As long as you fill out the immigration paper you got on the plane properly, immigration process should be done just when your luggage arrives.

Have in mind tho, you probably cant get your ticket at Haneda by using the check-in self-service machines. We got stuck in the queue because a chinese group had many passengers with luggage overweight. However, we still had plenty of time and had our lunch before going on the plane :-)

So yea, 3h 30m is enough.
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Re: Transfer from Narita to Haneda (3.5hrs, ok?) 2017/3/28 07:04
Thank you
by Lynette (guest) rate this post as useful

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