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Sumo tickets 2017/3/27 02:23
Where do I buy them?

I'm going to be in Japan in May, and wanted to attend a sumo event.

by Kid Vicious  

Re: Sumo tickets 2017/3/27 17:12
The May tournament in Tokyo is from May 14 to 28th.

The ticket goes on public sale from April 8th - popular dates and seats tend to sell off pretty quickly. A few of my US friends use this site (for a fee) to purchase tickets from the States:
by AK rate this post as useful

Re: Sumo tickets 2017/3/27 22:25
Will just reiterate that tickets sell out VERY quickly.
by PsyGuy rate this post as useful

Re: Sumo tickets 2017/3/28 17:28
I bought my tickets from the official site and collected on the day. The last basho sold out in two hours & with Kisenosato getting the yusho I expect this one to sell out faster.
by Stan Norrell rate this post as useful

Re: Sumo tickets 2017/3/29 01:08
In the meantime, assuming they have it on the website, you can watch some episodes of "Sumopedia" on NHK World which are short programmes covering various aspects of sumo.
by Winter Visitor rate this post as useful

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