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about Ritsuunkyo (Takeda Castle) 2017/3/28 23:22
Hello everyone. I need your help.
I'm planning to go Ritsuunkyo for watching Takeda Castle, all around with clouds. I will stay in Himeji at night. In the morning, I 'm going to be at Takeda Station by using Jr train. After that I'm going to walk to Ritsuunkyo. (I think that it takes 60 minutes). My questions; What time will be great for that awesome Takeda castle view? Also I'm a solo traveler and female. Is it safe road? (to Ritsuunkyo from Takeda Station).
I'm appreciate for your help from now. Thank you.
by inferidii  

Re: about Ritsuunkyo (Takeda Castle) 2017/3/29 12:47
Hello inferidii,

I have been to Takeda Castle once, but never to Ritsuunkyo.
To see the awesome view will depend on what time you get there and the weather.
Outside the Takeda station, there is a taxi parking area.
Please read the links for more info.

Here is a post in 2015 about Takeda Castle:

And some other links about going to Ritsuunkyo and Takeda Castle:

I would suggest catching a taxi to get to Ritsuunkyo and getting there sooner the better
to catch the clouds would be best.

Be careful, have fun and enjoy the awesome view.
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Re: about Ritsuunkyo (Takeda Castle) 2017/3/29 16:49
Thank you so much. later, I will share my experiment here.
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