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iPhone 7 Plus Plan in Tokyo 2017/3/29 05:47
Hi! I will be in Tokyo next week for my Nihongo class (2years). I heard that getting iPhone plan under Eastbridge (AU) is very expensive. A friend of mine told me that he got an iPhone SE because that's what he can only afford. But the payment for the 1st month is 8,000 yen and for the following months (upto 23 months) is 10,000+ yen. Is it really that expensive? To think it is only an iPhone SE. I've always wanted to have an iPhone 7 Plus because I thought it's much cheaper in Japan than in Philippines.

I was thinking of buying an unlocked Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra instead and bring it to Japan. Will I ever get a prepaid sim or a postpaid sim-only plan? How much would it costs me and what are the inclusions? Will it be a better choice than getting a postpaid plan w/ the handset in Tokyo?

Any replies or suggestions is much appreciated. Arigatou gozaimasu.
by itstanyad  

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