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Hirosaki owl cafe 2017/3/29 12:04
Would anyone know if the owl café in Hirosaki - Fukurou Café - is still open? We went last year and would like to go again, but their website is no longer up. I tried, but was not able to send a question to the Hirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau and Hirosaki City. Thank you in advance.
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Re: Hirosaki owl cafe 2017/3/29 20:16
That cafe official FB and twitter exist.

Web site down reason is simple,
they didn't pay for "fukuroucafe-hirosaki.com(original domain)" fee.
Don't know they just fogotten, just didn't know about payment system of "Jindo"
or canceled it intentionally as extra costs.

And now some other new owl cafes opened in other cities/towns.
ふくろう/フクロウ : owl
カフェ : cafe
オープン : open (as new)
https://goo.gl/sNzNZN (tweets from last)
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