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JR Kansai Area Pass for some trains 2017/3/29 15:12
if I buy the Kansai Area Pass, could I use Keifuku railways to go to Arashiyama, JR Nara Line to go to Fushimi Inari Shrine and Keihan line to go to Gion-Shijo station?

by Khanh Ng. (guest)  

Re: JR Kansai Area Pass for some trains 2017/3/29 16:54
Keifuku railways : No.
JR Nara Line : Yes.
Keihan line : No.

Read again Pass web and about validity.
Keifuku and Keihan is NOT "JR-WEST".

And Pass name is "Kansai WIDE Area Pass".
by AMINZIL (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: JR Kansai Area Pass for some trains 2017/3/29 17:19
And Pass name is "Kansai WIDE Area Pass".

There also is Kansai Area Pass.

Other than that AMINZIL (guest) is right. A pass issued by a certain company (in this case, JR West) is usually only valid for the train operated by the company (of course there are some exceptions though).
by frog1954 rate this post as useful

Re: JR Kansai Area Pass for some trains 2017/3/29 17:22
And Pass name is "Kansai WIDE Area Pass".
@AMINZIL - The is both a Kansai Area PAss and Kansai Wide Area Pass.

As for the original posters questions. You would be better served with a Kansai Thru Pass to access you destinations. You can use Kintetsu Railway to access Nara. And Keihan and Keifuku for the others.
by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

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