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Nata Village, Fukuoka airstrip 2017/3/31 06:25
My late father's summer home in Nata Village was built before 1934, and we have spent summer vacations in the house he named it as "Whispering Pine Adobe" as it was located among the pine forest. It was situated on a narrow strip called Umi-no-naka-michi, one side is Hakata Bay and the other side the Japanese Inland Sea. It was 4 miles away from Taka no se civilian airport. I understood that the house was destroyed to build airstrip runway during the Second World War by Japanese government, and then US Air Force , presumably Brady Air Base. I wonder if someone can tell me the approximate location.
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Re: Nata Village, Fukuoka airstrip 2017/4/3 09:28
I don't know the region personally, but Google map tells you:

The site of the former Fukuoka Dai-ichi airfield:

1 Map:

2 Aerial view:

3 Aerial photo of the site taken around 1970 (after the stop of service).

4 Nata district location now:
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