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Ferry yakushima paying with credit card 2017/3/31 20:15
Hi all,

Maybe a silly question but we are planning to go by ferry to yakushima (the one that leaves everyday at 8:30). Since the fee for the ticket is 8900 for a round trip I was wondering if it's possible to pay with a creditcard or is it cash only?

Thanks for answering!
by Viviana (guest)  

Re: Ferry yakushima paying with credit card 2017/4/1 12:15
Nothing is mentioned about it on their website, so it's probably cash only. You can ask them directly: f-yaku2 at r4 dion ne jp.
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Re: Ferry yakushima paying with credit card 2017/4/1 17:24

I reserved and paid the fare. What should I bring on the day of travel?
・クレジット決済 → 予約案内メールと決済確認メール
If you paid by credit card, bring our e-mail of resrevation information and the payment confirmation.

So I think they will accept credit card when paying on the web. However, they seem to have no English reservation site, so I am afraid you must do the reservation in Japanese.
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Re: Ferry yakushima paying with credit card 2017/4/1 17:38
@frog1954 You don't have the right company; OP says she wants to take the 8:30 ferry, so it's this one:
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Re: Ferry yakushima paying with credit card 2017/4/1 17:47
I am sorry for misreading.

Though the official page informs nothing about the credit card, some blogs have some information.

In these pages the bloggers have been able to buy the ticket by credit card, only in Kagoshima side but not in Yakusima side.
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