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Airport bus to Kagoshima 2017/4/1 08:17
I wanted to ask about a bus which goes from Kagoshima Airport to Kagoshima Chuo station. I understand it stops at Tenmonkan. This is where my hotel is and I don't need to go to the train station. My question is about the luggage. I will have a pretty large travel bag with me. Does this bus keep luggage in the trunk or do passengers take it inside, with them? If it's in the trunk - can it be taken out at the Tenmonkan stop? Thank you.
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Re: Airport bus to Kagoshima 2017/4/1 15:15
Naturally, luggages are put in the trunk and taken out at the stations where the owners get off.
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Re: Airport bus to Kagoshima 2017/4/1 17:08
As far as I know, most airport buses from Kagoshima airport take Airport-JR Kagoshima Chuo-Tenmonkan route while some takes Airport-Tenmonkan-Kagoshima Chuo route. You should check it at the airport.

As for the luggage, the bus company staff will put it into the trunk at the airport and the driver or the staff at the bus stop will pull it out of the trunk, so you don't need to worry.
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