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Kushiro, Tancho Cranes in the summer? 2017/4/3 08:07
We will be traveling through Hokkaido in early July. July is a good season for viewing flowers, but I am also interested in seeing the Tancho Cranes, which I understand can be viewed from the Kushiro Marshlands National Park. According to the Japan Gudie website pages on Kushiro, it says that the cranes can be seen all year, although it says the viewing is best in the winter months. I will be there in July.

What are the chances of getting good views (and photos) of the cranes at this time of year (I do have a long zoom lens on my camera), and do the cranes dance at this time, or only in the winter months? Which viewing location would give the best results at this time of year?

I would welcome any other tips or suggestions from those how have been to see the cranes (especially during the summer months). Thank you!
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Re: Kushiro, Tancho Cranes in the summer? 2017/4/6 16:24
I was there in Summer (Hokkaido being the nicest part of the country at that time of year), and they had some captive ones there. I had a rental car, though, and was more excited to see the wild ones here and there randomly whilst driving. I was not a common sight, though; I saw many more cows and horses than cranes, lol. I did not see any dancing.

The big groups that congregate to get fed in winter seems to be the best time, but they are definitely around even in Summer.
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Re: Kushiro, Tancho Cranes in the summer? 2017/4/12 14:40
Thank you. I will have a rental car while I am there. I will look for them - captive and free. Thanks!
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