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Baseball Game April Tokyo 2017 2017/4/5 22:39

Maybe someone can help me. I want so see on the 12.04.2017 or 13.04.2017 a baseball game in Tokyo. Where can I get tickets? Shall I buy tickets Online or directly on the Stadium at game day?

Or other possibilities?

Thank you very much for your help.

BR Johannes
by JohannesAUT (guest)  

Re: Baseball Game April Tokyo 2017 2017/4/6 12:53
12 Apr:
13 Apr:

All "Central League" night games at Tokyo Dome, Jingu and Yokohama are so.
Those are Left team's "home" stadium.
See the each teams website announced ticket info with seat map.

Tokyo Dome is the biggest and access easiest placed central of mid Tokyo.
Jingu and Yokohama are open air stadium watch weather forecast before.
(Watch game/traveler's vids on YouTube)
Yokohama is not in Tokyo as location address but not so far by train.

Getting weekday night games on the day ticket(s) is easy no sold out usual no worry.
Game finished will be around 21:00 usual.

Pls don't drunk by too much beer or other alcohols :)
You cannot take home cute beer saler girls :)
Taking a pic together is possible. (no need tips if ordered drinks)
by DB.Starman (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Baseball Game April Tokyo 2017 2017/4/6 19:54
Thank you very much for the help.

We will try to get the tickets on game day. Can we get tickets the whole day before match or only some hours before?

And last question where we can get the tickets?

I am with my wife dont worry gggg
by JohannesAUT (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Baseball Game April Tokyo 2017 2017/4/7 17:18
You can also get in before day as advance ticket/前売券: maeuri-ken.
(not calling "on the day ticket/当日券 : toujitsu-ken")
No read the team web ticket info page?

当日券 sales boxes placed near entering gate of stadium easy to find.
当日券 sales starts fr 10:00(or 11:00) am to 6(or 8)th bottom(6 or 8回裏) or game end.
(depends on stadium or sales box)
Gate open will be 4 to 2 hrs before of game start time.
(depends on stadium)

inning :
- top : 表/omote
- bottom : 裏/ura(ウラ)
You can hear at 4:31 "San-kai no omote(3回の表)",
also 8:01-07 "Yon-kai no omote(4回の表)" and "ura(裏)" and more.

Baseball players have many "ike-men(s)/イケメン" = handsome guys :)
by DB.Starman (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Baseball Game April Tokyo 2017 2017/4/8 05:49
Hi JohannesAUT,

I am an American who attended 3 baseball games in Japan in 2016. I have been to the Tokyo Dome and to Yokohama Stadium in Yokohama. Yokohama Stadium is a 30 minute train ride from the Shinjuku section of Tokyo. I have not been at a game at Jingu Stadium. If I had an option to see a game in the Tokyo Dome or Yokohama Stadium I would attend a game in Yokohama. Yokohama Stadium is only 1 level and all seats are close to the field and have a good view of the action. The fans release jet balloons during the "lucky 7th inning."

Tickets are available at 7-11 stores from machines. They are only in Japanese but ask a store employee and they will help you buy your tickets. Buy your tickets in advance in order to avoid the game selling out.
by Russell (guest) rate this post as useful

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