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Dear visitor, if you know the answer to this question, please post it. Thank you!

Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass 2017/4/6 12:24
According to this website (, aside from transport savings, there are also discounts for certain sightseeing facilities. Can anyone give me some more info on this? I will be visiting some of the spots mentioned in Hiroshima and Onomichi, and I can't seem to find any other websites detailing the discounts available.
by NoviceFlaneur (guest)  

Re: Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass 2017/4/6 19:26
Read the link you posted again. They are almost near the bottom of the page.

by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass 2017/4/6 19:40
Sorry I may not have been clear in my question: the website only lists out the destinations where there are discounts, but not what the discounts are exactly - that's the information that I want.
by NoviceFlaneur (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass 2017/4/6 19:47
I cannot speak for said pass, but I've seen similar elsewhere. They are normally like 50 yen off entries etc. Considering some entries are as little as 200 yen. It poses a good deal.
by hakata14 (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass 2017/4/7 19:50
I didnft find any information online, however I did use the pass and they gave me a booklet with the discounts:
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum \200 to \160
Hiroshima Castle \370 to \280
Shukkeien \260 to \200
Hiroshima Musuem of Art -\100
Prefectural Museum of Art -\100
Hiroshima History and Crafts Museum \100 to \80
Miyajima Ropeway \1800 to \1350
Yamato Museum \500 to \400
Irefuneyama Memorial Museum \250 to \200
Innoshima Suigun Castle \310 to \280
Kousanji Museum \1400-\1200
Fukuyama Castle \200 to \160
Morikawa Residence \300 to \240
Matsuzaka Residence \200 to \160
Takehara Museum of History and Folklore \100 to \80
Mitsumoto Residence \200 to \160
Takehara also has a combination ticket that allows you entrance to a few traditional residences + the Museum of History, so you might prefer to buy that instead of using the pass.

These prices were correct as of last summer, they may have changed. Make sure you bring the booklet with you, the pass alone doesnft give you the discounts, you must present the book too. And you can only buy the pass the day it activates or the day before (I went a couple days before and they didnft sell it to me).
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