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Tokyo: store luggage near Ryogoku Kokugikan? 2017/4/8 11:38
I'm planning to go see some sumo at Ryogoku Kokugikan in the morning, and then fly from Narita that afternoon. Is there somewhere nearby that I can store a suitcase for a few hours? Does anyone know if JR East Ryogoku station has storage lockers, and how big they are? Anywhere else within walking distance of Ryogoku Kokugikan?

by JW123  

Re: Tokyo: store luggage near Ryogoku Kokugikan? 2017/4/8 14:24
Check the website for JR East Ryogoku Station.

They mention they have rental lockers outside the station, and among the photo slide there is a view of them. There appears to be small and medium sized ones, but doesn't appear to be a lot. Don't know but they may be popular, and there is the Edo Museum in the area as well.
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Re: Tokyo: store luggage near Ryogoku Kokugikan? 2017/4/8 18:39
The station, and yes the Edo Museum also has them. Depends on your route back to Narita as well.
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