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Marugame/Takahashi before Kurashiki? 2017/4/8 14:07
Hi all

I will be travelling from Takamatsu to Kurashiki, where I will be staying overnight before catching a flight to Tokyo the next day at Okayama Airport. My original plan was to make a stop at Okayama first just to visit Korakuen, and then arrive at Kurashiki no later than 1 pm.

However, I've been doing some more surfing, and it seems the 'original' castles at Marugame and Takahashi seem quite interesting, and also within distance from Takamatsu and Kurashiki (if I depart early from Takahashi, say at 8 am). I would love to hear your opinions on:

a) which you would prefer: Marugame or Takahashi (or stick with Korakuen);
b) whether it is reasonable amount of time to reserve the morning to explore either of the castles (say 9 am - 12 pm);
c) alternatively, whether it is actually the Marugame Contemporary Art Museum that is the key attraction worth exploring.
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Re: Marugame/Takahashi before Kurashiki? 2017/4/8 20:43
I plan to do the Castle First, than Kurashiki after.
Not sure about whether adding Okayama yet.
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Re: Marugame/Takahashi before Kurashiki? 2017/4/8 21:43
Shintai, which castle would you prefer to do first? Any reason why? Thanks!
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Re: Marugame/Takahashi before Kurashiki? 2017/4/8 21:59
Bitchu Takahashi. Mainly cause I have to head back to Kyoto in the evening, so makes sense to make travelling back easier.
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Re: Marugame/Takahashi before Kurashiki? 2017/4/9 21:47
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is the only original mountain castle. The walls on the way up are very impressive. I like the castle, too. The keep is small but still picturesque. The castle town below is quiet and charming.

Marugame Castle has really impressive and well-preserved walls. It takes a lot less time to reach and explore Marugame Castle than Bitchu Matsuyama Castle.

Both are great. In my opinion you can't go wrong with any of the original castles. I guess it depends on how much you will do in Kurashiki. If you started early, you could possibly do Marugame Castle, Korakuen Garden, and Kurashiki if your main purpose is to stroll about the historic district and visit the little museums as time permits.
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