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Snow instead of Snapchat 2017/4/8 19:57
Hi everyone!!!
I was watching a video today about a guy who went to Japan. He was doing Q&A video with a Japanese girl because there were some questions about Japanese.
Someone asked why Japanese doesn't use Snapchat. She said that she have it but she prefer using an app called Snow.
The guy said Japanese and Korean use Snow instead of Snapchat because it has a lot more filters than Snapchat.
My question is: do all Japanese use Snow((!!
I don't mean all all but you know right(! like... not all the people here uses Snapchat! you know!
Thank you so much!
by Chokohime  

Re: Snow instead of Snapchat 2017/4/9 15:51
Japanese people tend to use apps which the other people also use. While more popular apps they use, they can ask the other people how to use it.
Snapchat is less popular in JP, and Snow is more popular, therefore, Japanese people tend to use Snow more.
Alternatively, Japanese people use "LINE" as a communication app than "Facebook". Therefor, "Facebook" is less popular in JP than "LINE".
by tokyo friend 48 rate this post as useful

Re: Snow instead of Snapchat 2017/4/9 20:28
Thank you so much!
Um, I asked my Japanese friend about it. She said a lot of Japanese people have them both.
Thank you again!
by Chokohime rate this post as useful

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