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Buy Stage Play tickets 2017/4/8 22:32
In October, I'd like to watch this Stage Play in Tokyo:
It 's still early for tickets, but I would like to know which are the methods to purchase tickets for shows like these. I read about Lawson, Pia and eplus.
It's possible to buy the ticket from abroad, or is required to do it in Japan? There are physical stores authorized to sell these tickets?
For the payment are which kind of credit cards required, Postepay or Paypal are accepted? And cash?
Thank you in advance for the reply.
by Rian (guest)  

Re: Buy Stage Play tickets 2017/4/9 15:59
To buy online tickets in JP, they normally ask you to type your JP phone numbers to verify.
The majority of online ticket shops accept credit cards payment, the majority of ticket shops don't accepts paypal due to less popularity in JP.
by tokyo friend 48 rate this post as useful

Re: Buy Stage Play tickets 2017/4/9 17:19
Tickets for the Galaxy Theater in Tokyo are sold through e-get:

Payment is by credit card only, and you must go pick up your ticket at a 7-Eleven.
by Firas rate this post as useful

Re: Buy Stage Play tickets 2017/4/16 21:22
I like to point out, some places do accept CC, but only local one's, international CC are not accepted sometimes.
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